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Vanwah.com 是提供多元化資訊的網站,包括KOL Channel、煮食頻道、購物資訊,我們所提供的是全免費的。我們的目標是希望將我們另類生活思維帶給每一個人(並不只限於溫哥華)


Vanwah.com is a multi information channel for the updated of everything included KOL channel, cooking, buying, food and shopping information in Vancouver Canada. We are providing all the free information. Our goal is to share the idea of alternative lifestyle to everyone not only in Vancouver.

Your sponsor helps us in several ways. Most importantly, it will help us to pay for the website hosting, sample buying, time as well as develop expenses. Sponsor will also help us improve the vanwah.com platform, updater, information source and community website as well as upgrade our site to provide more services and new features.

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